Initiative: A pen pal program that connects students with local senior retirement facilities! We send letters & art back and forth weekly to brighten everyone's day & provide a moment of positivity/solace during these troubling times.

Purpose: In interviewing local nurses and doctors, we’ve come to realize the importance of mental health during this time of physical distancing. As retirement facilities are closing their doors to protect the safety of residents, the elderly are losing regular visits from family and friends.

Secondly, as Michelle Obama said in her memoir Becoming, stories break down barriers. Many of the stories and blog articles we've posted have focused on the struggles of Gen Z'ers, millennials, or our parents' generation. We think it's important to bridge generational gaps by hearing the life experiences, lessons, and introspection of seniors as well!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up! We are currently processing sign-ups from seniors at the residential centers, and will be in contact the first week of June!


The Bellettini Senior Living


Aegis Living at Marymoor