"We take a lot of precautions, our employees are always wearing masks, always washing hands and wearing gloves. so the contamination of the food -- and even the research shows -- is very low. People should come out and support small businesses like us, because this is what makes the U.S. economy run."

"We are a people’s first company, so one significant thing we made sure happened was that every employee of the company is safe during this pandemic. We also ensured that there was communication from the HR side to every employee during the lockdown period to make sure that they were safe."

"Our hours got cut for the past few months and my schedule was more irregular....The personal bankers were not allowed to work at the branches so we only operated with partial staff....I know a banker does not seem important but they were essential during these times..."

"COVID-19 has had an massive impact on my industry, with most productions halted completely—film sets naturally involve a lot of people together in one location, working long hours, touching the same equipment, and eating from the same lunch buffet—all factors that make it high-risk to do this type of work during a pandemic."

"...Please respect everything that is going on. I remember how in March and April people would begin emails and Zoom calls “during these hard and unprecedented times,” but honestly now this has become a new normal. As new things pop up, like new policies and movements rising, please be respectful of essential workers, anyone from food service to public transportation to healthcare providers.

"For the older demographic, who are considered high-risk, they have to stay in their rooms almost all the time. This means less physical exercise, more separation, and less connectivity with other people. That ultimately makes them feel cut off, also and can even induce depression and anxiety for some folks."

"COVID-19 has affected my company and the way that it runs by forcing us to change and become flexible in several areas...Our goal is to show our clients that we are still available to them; both from a financial perspective, as well as out of concern for their health and well-being."

"Because of this, our contractors and team members have stopped getting paid since there isn’t anything for them to work on. Meanwhile, as our projects sit there unfinished, we still have to pay property tax, interest, insurance, and many other costs on our projects, which is a difficult financial situation to manage when you have no cash flow."

"Most of the produce that we receive comes in large packages. As we aren’t selling to large restaurants or caterers, we need to separate these bundles into smaller, more manageable packages. That’s a lot of manual labor, but we don’t want to place anybody in a compromising position."

"Governors have announced public lockdowns. All non-essential boutiques, museum gift shops, and departments stores are closed and can no longer accept our shipments. Every day, we are flooded with emails. Shop owners are telling us to terminate orders."

"Fear of Asian or Asian-looking people is a reality now, because of the ignorant mindset that they are carriers of the COVID-19. People thought I was Asian because of the way I looked, and when it came to checking in guests, some people were not wanting to check in with me."