"The unknown was very scary. Our hospital worked very hard and very quickly to make sure we had space for an influx of very sick patients, in numbers we could only guess at. There were serious concerns about not having enough protective gear. We were also worried about not having enough well staff members..."

"Though COVID has negatively impacted my abilities to diagnose my clients and strained some therapeutic results, there have been some positive effects....There isn’t any commute for my clients and they can feel comforted by staying in there own house, which at times helps my clients become more open..."

"Our business was impacted when parents were afraid to bring their children to our offices out of fear of contracting the virus. Because of this, we needed to reduce our hours of operation and layoff staff. Moreover, we rapidly restructured our way of seeing patients by incorporating telemedicine and by segregating well patients...."

"There were a few nurses who were extremely fearful of the virus but none of our staff requested leave during this time. To me, this is because we understood the need for medical staff at a time like this and decided to stay to attend to these patients. We are sworn in to help all patients during this time."

"Patients need not come out of their cars; they simply roll down the window, and a nurse or provider will perform the specimen collection for COVID-19 testing. Everyone working at the drive-through clinic wears PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as gown, cap, face shield, mask, and gloves."

"This pandemic impacts everyone. There are no boundaries or walls for natural disasters like this one. It can affect any race, religion, gender or age. We must stay calm, unite as a family and as a nation to fight this pandemic. Everyone on the front lines are united. We stand together."