"The biggest disadvantage of online classes is that we cannot carry out the practical operations and can only learn the experimental content through a virtual platform... A good advantage of having online classes is that you can watch the lectures and the Q&A’s repeatedly because they are recorded."

"Naming it the “Chinese virus” will not solve the pandemic; it will just increase the hate and violence towards the Chinese both in China and in other countries....Through confirmation bias, they are using this pandemic to prove that China is a savage, uncivilized country."

"We waited to see how the situation in the U.S. evolved, and bought my tickets to China when the situation continuously worsened. However, a new policy from China restricted 80% of flights, and all three of my flights got canceled."

"Part of what makes these times really difficult is my upcoming exams. In China, there are two large exams that dictate important parts of our future: the high school entrance exam and the college entrance exam. Thus, as a rising freshman, now is the crucial period for me to study."

"In our neighborhood, there are designated volunteers who bring us packages weekly. For the most part, they have been excellent at following regulations: they always wear masks and gloves, and they routinely take our temperatures to make sure everyone is healthy. They are strictly prohibited from making close contact with people in their homes..."