"GOVAA provided me a safe space to grow as an individual and I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for it...As long as you get started and take the first step in the right direction, you will be coming out on the other side a better person."

"I think that we need to defund the police and put that money toward the community. I think we need to put more money into schools and other things that would help us. I think that there should be more money put into programs that would let us call the police less because those programs already help us within our communities."

"Another issue I've been noticing is Seattle's lack of empathy toward its homeless population...I think times like these are helping many of us realize what local governments prioritize, who they dehumanize in the process, and how it’s ultimately up to us to go to the streets and care for those who do not have people that care for them."

So far, 9 school districts in states such as Arizona, North Carolina, and Washington have started petitioning their school districts...I’m glad that I could at least inspire a couple thousand people to stop and think about Black Lives Matter, not as a trend or an internet fad, but as a movement that demands lasting change for all of American society.

"For the most part, I feel immensely scared about my life, especially living in a rural-southern, conservative town....There are times when I am uncertain where my future will take me with my undocumented status weighing me down."

"It was powerful seeing everybody come together to support BLM, specifically people of all ages and backgrounds. The media doesn’t show a lot of the powerful moments of protests, such as when people were lying down, chanting 'I can’t breathe!' It’s horrifying that the media only focuses on violence..."

"Growing up black in Bellevue hasn’t been easy. I have always felt different as I carry many different identities. I am a daughter to two wonderful immigrant parents, a Muslim, and a Black girl. I have experienced my fair share of racism. I have always been active in using my voice to amplify injustice."

"One message conveyed by Andre Taylor of “Not This Time” directed towards non-BIPOC allies deeply resonated with me: though conversations with other members of tight-knit ethnic communities may seem painstakingly counterproductive and frustrating at times, allyship does not mean solely confining activism efforts to yourself...Infiltrate your communities."