"We are all collectively experiencing trauma, right now... And so our hope is that our programs will provide that space for students to actually talk about and process through art and writing and dancing and laughter and movement what they’re feeling with their friends who are also feeling the same things."

"The goal of Rani Creative was to take these women that you aspire to be or these nonbinary people that you aspire to be, and you just bring them into your community, So those you want to be, you just get inspired by them and learn from them. That was the goal of the collective—bring artists together of any talent level or experience level, and bring them all together to create a safe space..."

"On top of worrying about the virus itself, we now have to worry about all of the ways that it has and will continue to impact our daily lives. We must also consider the tradeoffs of returning to school. Are we willing to take the risk of transmission in order to get children back in school? And where will all of these extra resources come from?"

As one of the largest medical volunteer-based nonprofits, Operation Smile has mobilized thousands of medical volunteers from...more than 80 countries. Operation Smile engages public-private partnerships to advance health care delivery, train local medical professionals to provide surgical care for patients in their communities, donate crucial medical equipment and supplies, and increase access to surgical care..."

"Overall, I'm most proud and impressed with the scope of how we're still able to engage with all of the patients and people that need us during this time. We were able to adapt; we're not just sitting down and like waiting for things to get back to normal. We’re still being really active and creative, which is the core of this organization."

"The demos and graduation ceremonies were impacted as we could not hold our last demo scheduled and online graduation ceremony, but what also helped was that this was not just concentrated in our community community, it was everywhere throughout the world...Gurukul was able to really shift their operations to online very quickly and that was actually taken very positively."

"...we decided to play it safe, we’re not going to expose our children to this issue. And if they are going to go to school, they are already going to faced with all this exposure, let’s just have them be at home over the weekend. Having said that now we know, we can plan better, since we know in advance we will be online. We can start thinking about changing the curriculum for the next year."

“[Through] the Pathway Foundation..., students are not only learning the importance of civics, but they are also learning to take charge, building networking and marketing skills, and becoming team players and leaders through this experience."

"We’ve received $6,500 in donations from those around our community, and we’ve used that money to buy 4,500 surgical masks and 3,000 protective masks. Additionally, people have donated nearly 10,000 masks. We donated the surgical masks to nearby hospitals, like the NorthShore Health System..."

"We started collecting from local families, but quickly realized that wasn’t enough, either. There were a lot of different brands of PPE and varying sizes; only an organized team of volunteers could properly parse through all the supplies and distribute them to frontline workers."

"We thought to ourselves, 'What can we do with crafts that are on hand and make the most impact and give back to the community?' Our first idea was to partner with the Bellevue School District. We have, so far, dropped off over 200 art kits to be distributed to families that are picking up free meals."

"We are very concerned about the day-to-day changes and how that could really completely change how we’re dealing with things; today things could be great but then tomorrow we could find that we would have a huge homeless animal crisis on our hands."