"Education is life-changing...it leads us to reckon with our purpose within our world. I have a deep appreciation for the value of education, and understand that passionate teachers can affect positive change amongst students who may be struggling with their purpose."

"I personally had to adapt greatly to conducting exams online. This is particularly difficult since we do not use multiple choice exams and our tests are practice based. Students develop systems or analyze data in their exam and we have to maintain the integrity of the tests."

"...one challenge was how do I do my job now? How do I try and meet each kid where they are when I am so limited by distance? Knowing that sometimes I had to let a kid go, essentially, and that was antithetical to everything I have ever done in my whole career.

Even though it was a quick transition to online teaching, I was excited about it. I have a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from Boise State University, so I was ready and felt prepared. The system (the school district) was not prepared. So therefore the students weren’t prepared which caused a lot of stress."

"As we head into summer, I'm worried people will stop engaging in the lessons learned from social distancing. I'm worried the power for protest will subside and changes we need to happen will be watered down. I remember 9/11 and was teaching at Casadia at the time, as well as the Nisqually earthquake we experienced, but this is different..."

"...We were looking at the price point of online camps and a lot of them were...pretty ridiculous for an online format, especially in an activity that is supposed to be for individuals trying to make an impact on their community and the educational reasons why debate is important for people."

"...From personal experience, it has been important for us to understand what patients’ status is with respect to the infection before we consider doing a surgery on them. Specifically, [in] the type of surgery that I do...the virus can easily spread to anyone in the operating room."

"The successes are the fact that they can continue to develop their musical ability and technique, and the challenges are that I don’t think they’re quite as motivated as they would be with a live in-person lesson. There are also technological challenges that affect the quality of the sound of the music..."

"I think that it is really sad that wearing a face mask has become politicized. How can that be politicized? I mean there is a reason to do it and a good reason to do it. When our leaders don’t even feel like it somehow applies to them, it sends a mixed message."

"I am an artist, a visual artist, and I have a lot of images and I react to images sometimes better than the written or spoken word. I take a lot of pictures that I send to my friends and my family. That form of communication is greater in isolation. Some of my friends got together last week, but we set our chairs on both sides of the street."

"I think we're all having a lot of trouble kind of keeping up with our emotions...Meditation also gives you a little more space to feel what you're feeling and kind of try to sort through the complexities and the confusing nature of the pandemic."