"Before COVID-19, I swam three hours a day, six days a week. But because of this virus, I haven’t been able to swim in nearly three months. Today is actually going to be our first day back in the water...However, our practices won’t be back to normal for a while and our practices will be limited..."

"There have been a lot ...changes to formats...over the years but none of those changes force a focus on the core parts of the activity like online debate does. Part of debate is persuasion and rhetorical force. Posturing, bluffing, and the way judges perceive rounds are all changed in the new environment"

"I’m hurt that our country hasn’t recovered from the deep-rooted racism perpetuated by our current institution...I have been trying my best to take as much action as I could through educating myself more, signing petitions, donating, emailing representatives, and creating events to help educate others about the situation."

"...Football relies on a big team and is really physical, and there’s definitely a brotherhood, which is hard to form over a Zoom call. A part of it is also mental—there’s a lot of memorization involved that people can actually work on at this time..."

"Fashion-related learning is very hands on, based on touching and feeling and seeing in person, but because of COVID-19 we aren't able to have that full experience. We’re not able to learn about fashion trends -- at FIDM we had books and fashion trend resources and fabrics we could touch..."

"At the beginning, around March, we saw a dramatic decrease in patients so our providers definitely had a hard time adjusting. They had to cut everybody’s hours because less patients means less work to do. Even though they cut hours, they changed it so that I myself became busier than I usually am and had to complete work meant for four people."

"It’s hard to imagine an online fall quarter, one where frosh are traditionally supposed to socialize and make new friends. From virtual admit weekend, we already got a sample of that. It’s difficult to make human connections via screens. The lack of little moments....It’s just not the same."

"My medical school has not made any changes, but I assume that since they are used to doing a lot of virtual work that there will be a lot of online classes. I know some people who are in their first couple of years of medical school, which do not involve going into the clinic, and they are instead having online courses."

"It is very inspiring to see people making medical discoveries and publishing them without patents. COVID-19 grand rounds are being recorded and shared throughout the medical community, rather than keeping it to themselves..."

"It certainly wasn’t the ending we expected or wanted, I thought to myself, but to have felt such sorrow and pain to leave must be a testament to what a special community we were able to build together."

"With all my homework postponed until who-knew-when, I lingered over meals in the dining hall for a long time. My friends and I cooked pasta in the dorm kitchen we had continually sworn to make use of more often. All this socializing was hardly fun, because there was little to talk about that wasn’t gloomy. We did it out of a sense of obligation."