Founded by: Katie Kudriavtsev & Sarah Emberling


Hey guys! My name is Katie, and me and my friend created a site called QuaranTEEN (which you can find here), it has a ton of super cool features and we would love it if you guys could all go check it out!

QuaranTEEN is a nonprofit creative entertainment platform for teenagers and parents, started by two high schoolers from the Bay Area, Katie Kudriavtsev and Sarah Emberling! QuaranTEEN was created for the purpose of sharing people’s stories, spreading positivity, and providing a way for people to stay in touch and connected despite shelter-in-place.

QuaranTEEN contains many fun and interactive features such as a teen blog, a community forum, entertainment quizzes, as well as a pen-pal exchange. Outside of being a creative platform for teens, QuaranTEEN also aims to provide relief for working parents by producing multilingual reading videos to entertain younger children, as well as a separate blog page dedicated to helping parents share tips and advice regarding childcare. We have already received numerous teen volunteers, readers, and blog writers from all over the world, reaching as far as from the Americas to Asia, but we are always looking for more people to become content creators on our site and expand our team! We welcome anyone who’s interested, passionate about writing, having their voice heard, or simply wants to do their part in helping people during this difficult time, to apply and join our QuaranTEAM.

As mentioned, QuaranTEEN is a non-profit and 100% free for use, but QuaranTEEN does accept donations, and all proceeds go directly to supporting Frontline Foods, a non-profit organization aiming to aiding local small businesses and restaurants that have been hit hard by shelter-in-place measures, as well as feeding front line healthcare workers. In just a week, we’ve already raised $300, and QuaranTEEN's mission is to raise as much money for Frontline Foods as possible, to help support local Bay Area businesses, as well as feeding the essential heroes who continue to work in this time. We encourage anyone who has the means or anyone who has enjoyed using our site to consider donating to this super great cause.