The Gift of Learning

Founded by: Arya Nalavade, Shivangi Gosain, Eesha Kulkarni, & Amruta Rajeev

The Gift of Learning was founded by four high schoolers, Arya Nalavade, Shivangi Gosain, Eesha Kulkarni, and Amruta Rajeev, dedicated to enriching the education of students across the country. We started small at first, only extending our program throughout Northern Virginia. However, soon we were getting both tutor and student registrations from all over the country and beyond. Just recently, we got a tutor registration from a high school student that resides in Bangladesh, and we couldn’t believe that the name of our organization had traveled all the way over to another continent!

The Gift of Learning is a student-led organization that is dedicated to enriching students, in grades 1-10, across the nation through FREE online tutoring. We are reaching out to kids at local schools that aren't doing that well in academics due to their financial situations. Additionally, we are currently working on our Project Bhutan. Due to the crisis in Bhutan, many of the Bhutanese people were provided asylum by the US Government and settled in various parts of the US. However, many of these child refugees have not received the proper education and are finding it hard to adapt to this huge cultural shift. We believe that education is priceless. It should be a basic right, not a privilege. It shouldn’t come with a price tag. By making our service free, students will have better access to education during this difficult COVID-19 pandemic.

This was the motive behind our Project Bhutan. By giving each of these children a tutor they can bridge the gap in their academic knowledge, but also build a social bond. After their eight week sessions, our students don’t consider them simply as their teachers. They consider them their partner, mentor, and friend. We operate on a complete volunteer basis. All of our tutors consist of extremely dedicated and hardworking high school students. They truly are the driving force behind our program. Since we run on a complete volunteer basis, we owe everything to our tutors. This all would have just been an idea in our minds if it weren’t for them. As of now, we have about 120 tutors and 170 students.

Additionally, soon we will have a donation page on our website, in which all proceeds will go directly towards a selected local organization or charity. With this being said, we would love for your readers to gain awareness of our organization through an article, interview, or anything along those lines. Readers/viewers can apply as tutors or they can share our organization with someone who is genuinely in need of help.