The Passion Project

Founded by: Alyssa Manche and Anika Sikka

High School students Alyssa Manche and Anika Sikka have taken initiative to give back to their community during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the shelter in place guidelines, many extracurriculars have been cancelled, leaving students bored and unmotivated at home. Anika and Alyssa wanted to do something to address this issue, so they created The Passion Project ( The Passion Project is an organization which provides a platform for highschoolers from all across the globe to share their passions to K-8 learners.

Their online Zoom courses have a variety of activities for their K-8 students, including but not limited to; art, tennis, embroidery, dance, and computer animated design! Each class is carefully crafted to match the needs of the age group, and each instructor is trained to successfully engage their students to stimulate growth and have fun! The high school activity leaders are able to collect volunteer hours from teaching at The Passion Project, while at the same time, sharing something they love doing with others. Their website has gained a lot of traction - parents getting a break from supervising their children, and for students, a fun outlet to express their creativity and try something new!

One elementary and middle school parent said, “The Passion Project has been a lifesaver to our family during the COVID-19 crisis. It has provided engaging, educational, and fun classes for my children which has helped to nurture and develop their interests in a way that has far exceeded my expectations. And importantly, it has given them a sense of stability and something to look forward to every day.”

Not only does The Passion Project hold live, interactive, online activities, but they are also planning a free online summer camp in effort to combat the effect of many summer camps being cancelled. Incorporating creative classes to help students continue learning over the summer, as well as engage their creativity, The Passion Project team hopes that their camp will inspire students to take up some of the activities once the school year starts again.

A fourth grade student comments, “I have really enjoyed my experience with The Passion Project because they have made all of the classes super fun! They even created a summer camp, so in the summer I am not bored! I am so excited.”

The Passion Project is always looking for more participants and online leaders, so if you are interested in teaching a class fill out the form linked on the page, and if you are interested in taking a class, visit the activities page on their website

So what can you do to help? You can help The Passion Project reach more kids across the globe by spreading awareness. Sending the website to your local elementary or middle schools, or sending their organization to your local news stations are all great ways to spread the word. You can contact The Passion Project team through their website, their Instagram @thepassionprojectglobal, or at